Internet TV Phone Account Service Outages

General Secure Email Settings

This page has the email settings you can use for all devices and applications. If you require additional support, please contact your device manufacturer or the call centre at 1 888 423 2333.


Notice: secure settings are required to access email from all devices, unless you use webmail.


Settings for All Devices

These are the settings for and all other domains.

Find the email settings on your device. When prompted, please enter the following:


Incoming Messages

Option 1: IMAP Settings*


Port: 993 (requires SSL)

* IMAP is recommended over POP3 to sync email on multiple devices.


Option 2: POP3 Settings


Port: 995 (requires SSL)


Outgoing Messages

For SMTP Authentication

Host: (used for authentication on cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktop apps)

Security/Encryption: STARTTLS/SSL

Port: 587

Authentication: Yes (on Android cell phones, please check "log in required")

Username: <full northwestel email address> (example:

Password: <northwestel email password>