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Install Your DSL Wireless Gateway

1. Disconnect your current modem from your cable outlet or splitter and from the electrical outlet.

2. Unpack your kit. You should have:

3. Connect the DSL cable to the DSL port on the back of your modem and the other end into the telephone jack.

NOTE: Do not install a micro-filter on the telephone jack.

NOTE: If you need to connect another device to the same telephone jack as your gateway, do this:

  • Make sure your gateway, other device and computer are powered off
  • Disconnect the DSL cable from the telephone jack
  • Connect the DSL cable into a port on the two-way splitter

  • Insert a micro-filter into the second port on the two-way splitter
  • Connect the other device into the micro-filter on the two-way splitter
  • Plug the two-way splitter into the telephone jack

4. Plug the power supply to the power connector on the back of the gateway and into the electrical outlet.

5. Push the power switch in on the back of the gateway to turn it on. You can leave the gateway plugged in when not in use.

Note: Do not plug any devices into your gateway until the next step is complete to give your gateway time to come online.

6. When you connect your gateway it will take about three to five minutes to boot and come online. The gateway will be ready for use when the POWER, INTERNET and DSL lights on the front panel stop blinking and stay on.