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BusinessCents™ 400 FAQ

Who is eligible to subscribe to BusinessCents 400?

Any customer with a business account may subscribe to BusinessCents™ 400, BusinessCents™ Advanced, BusinessCents Plus™, or BusinessCents™.


Will I pay a monthly fee for this plan?

Yes. There is a monthly recurring fee of $28.95 to subscribe to this plan.


Can I subscribe to more than one long distance calling plan at a time?

You may only subscribe to one standard long distance plan at one time, per account. However, BusinessCents Toll-Free™ may be added to an account with any of the above long distance calling plans. If your business has several accounts, you may apply different plans to each account.


What is the difference between your new plans BusinessCents™ 400 and BusinessCents™ Advanced?

BusinessCents™ 400 has a monthly subscription fee of $28.95 that includes the first 400 minutes of eligible calls. Additional minutes above the 400 are charged at a rate of 12¢ per minute. BusinessCents™ Advanced has a monthly subscription fee of $7.95 and a low per minute rate of 13¢ for all eligible calls.


What do you mean by eligible calls?

Eligible calls include direct dialed calls (calls you dial yourself) and non-operated assisted Northwestel calling card calls made between Canada or the USA and Northwestel's operating area (ie. either originate or terminate in Northwestel's operating area and use Northwestel's transport facilities or services).

Calls made with the assistance of the operator and calls that originate and terminate outside Northwestel's operating area are not eligible.


Why are calls that originate or terminate outside Northwestel's operating area or use other carrier's facilities or services ineligible?

These calls are made with other telecommunication companies and Northwestel does not control what they charge.


What about international calls ?

International calls are eligible for the same low rates as those included with the BusinessCents Plus™ plan.


What additional charges are there for making a call with a calling card (non-operated assisted)?

A calling card call in Canada or the USA will cost $3.00.


Can I switch to another Northwestel plan or a competitor's plan if I am on this plan?

Yes. Customers are free to switch to another Northwestel long distance plan or a competitor's plan at any time.


Can I choose not to switch from my current plan?

Yes. Customers are free to remain on their existing plan.


What happens to customers who do not sign up for BusinessCents™ 400?

They will continue to be charged at the rates under their current long distance calling plan. Customers who are not on another long distance calling plan will continue to be charged at regular rates.