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What can slow your Internet experience?

There could be many reasons why your Internet seems slow. Are you experiencing a lag in speed on just some sites or when using specific online applications?

Download speed relies on the source. While most websites are built to handle heavy Internet traffic, some are not. If you only experience slowness on some websites, it’s possible that those sites aren’t optimized to give you the speed you expect.

You might also experience slowness when using online peer-to-peer file sharing and syncing services (e.g. Torrents/DropBox). The number of people sharing the files can impact how fast data is being uploaded and downloaded, and can affect your connection speed. When file sharing, try not to clog your connection by uploading at too high a rate.

Try connecting your computer directly to your modem using an Ethernet cord. If you notice that your internet runs faster when directly connected to your modem, it might mean something is interfering with your Wi-Fi. For tips on improving your Wi-Fi look at our article How can I make sure my Wi-Fi is working properly?

You may unknowingly also have applications (including file-sharing services already mentioned) or spyware/adware running in the background. It’s a common problem.

Having multiple devices connected to your network can also slow down your experience. In some cases, even if the device is not being used, it may be accessing your internet connecting to do updates or other automatic functions.