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Why can’t I hear any sound?

If you can’t hear the audio of a program you’re watching, you’ll need to check your audio and input settings. 

Is your TV on Mute?

  1. Use the Volume Up button on your remote
  2. Now press the Mute button on the remote for your Digital Box Receiver or or TV
  3. Make sure all your home entertainment devices (e.g., TV, VCR, DVD, Home Theatre receiver, etc.) are turned on.
  4. Check that audio cables are connected securely.

Optimize your stereo output

If the sound isn’t working on all channels, you can often restore the audio by optimizing your stereo output.

  1. On your Digital Box Receiver remote, Press Menu or Settings twice for the full-screen Menu
  2. Scroll the Menu until Setup is highlighted. Press OK.
  3. Select Audio Setup. Press OK
  4. Scroll down to Select to Optimize. Press OK

Is SAP/MTS enabled?

Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) is a service for broadcasting alternative audio tracks for viewers wanting a different language or with specific audio needs (such as Voiceprint, a service for those with vision impairment, learning disabilities or for people wanting to enhance literacy skills).

How to disable SAP:

  1. You’ll need the original remote that came with your TV (not the remote for your Digital Box Receiver)
  2. Press Menu and choose Audio
  3. Press the SAP, AUDIO or MTS button \
  4. Now select either MONO or STEREO, instead of SAP or MTS

If you can’t change this setting with your remote control, or can’t find the SAP, AUDIO or MTS button, try using your TV’s on-screen Menu. You may need to refer to your TV user guide if you’re having trouble finding the SAP feature. 

How to disable SAP on your Digital Box Receiver:

  1. Using your Digital Box remote, press Menu or Settings twice for a full-screen Menu
  2. Scroll down the Menu until Setup is highlighted and press OK
  3. Select Audio Setup and press OK
  4. Ensure that the Default Audio Track is set to Channel default
  5. Press the Exit button 

Is Descriptive Video enabled?

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) provides a voice-over description of a program's key visual elements for the visually-impaired viewer. Generally, DVS describes actions that are not described by the dialogue

How to turn off Descriptive Video:

  1. Press Menu or Settings twice on your Digital Box remote for a full-screen Menu
  2. Scroll down the Menu until Setup is highlighted. Press OK
  3. Select Audio Setup. Press OK
  4. Press the DOWN arrow to highlight the box next to Descriptive Video Service
  5. Use the LEFT or RIGHT arrows to turn the option Off
  6. Choose Exit 

Is your separate sound system working correctly?

If you are using a sound system (receiver), try restoring the audio directly through the TV. To bypass the sound system, connect the Digital Box Receiver to the back of the TV directly, instead of connecting through the sound system (receiver). If this works, the problem is with your sound system (audio receiver) and you may need to refer to its user guide to troubleshoot the problem further.

Reboot your Digital Box

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect your Digital Box
  4. Give it a few minutes, and try to turn on your Digital Box again.

Note: It could take up to an hour before your Guide shows all information again after a reset. Until then, the Guide may only display a “To Be Announced” message.

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