Internet TV Phone Account Service Outages

Why am I having picture problems?

Damaged coaxial cables, loose connections, faulty splitters and more can cause picture quality problems such as pixelation (when you see squares of picture on your screen)

Reboot your Digital Box Receiver

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect your Digital Box
  4. Give it a few minutes, and try to turn on your Digital Box again.

Note: It could take up to an hour before your Guide shows all information again after a reset. Until then, the Guide may only display a “To Be Announced” message.

Check your coaxial cable

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Unscrew the coaxial cable from the back of the Digital Box and at the wall outlet
  3. Reconnect both cables and power your Digital Box back on.

If damaged or bent, you may need to replace the coaxial connection cable with a new one. You may also experience picture problems if your box is connected with an extended length of coaxial cable.

Bypass the splitter.

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Are any cable splitters or extensions on the line? Follow the coaxial cable from the back of your Digital Box to the wall outlet to check for splitters.
  3. Bypass any splitter by connecting a coaxial cable from the rear of the Digital Box (at the RF IN or Cable In port) directly into the cable wall outlet
  4. Reconnect the power cable to the Digital Box
  5. Are you seeing a better picture now? It may be time to replace your splitter.

When a phone or Internet modem is connected to the same splitter, or sharing the same cable outlet, you may lose that connectivity if you remove the main cable connection at the wall. Only attempt to remove the cable running from the back of the Digital Box, and where it just enters the splitter to keep your phone or Internet connected. 

Are you having the pixilation problem on other TVs?

If you see the pixelation issue on other TVs connected to a Digital Box, your main cable connection may be damaged or there might be a regional outage.

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