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Why can’t I get my Remote Control to work?

Generally, it’s easy to fix minor problems with remote control functions that aren’t responding properly, such as on/off, volume control, changing channels, etc.

  1. Press CBL or Cable button at the top of the remote to confirm the remote is set to Cable Mode. Now try using your remote again.
  2. Clear anything away that might be blocking the remote’s infrared (IR) sensor needed to communicate with the Digital Box Receiver.
  3. Do the lights at the top of the remote blink when a button is pressed? If not, replace the batteries.
  4. If all remote functions are working except for volume, check in the General Settings menu to make sure that the volume control is not set to the fixed audio option.
  5. If the remote is still not communicating with the Digital Box, try changing channels by pressing the "+" or "-" on the front of your Digital Box. Now try to use the remote control again. 

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