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Video and Audio Conferencing FAQ

How do I reserve a video conference?

Reserving a video conference depends on the availability of facilities, so we recommend booking as early as possible and at least seven days before the video conference. To reserve, call 1 888 423-2333.

Can I host my own video conference at my site?

Video conferencing services are only available at Northwestel locations in Whitehorse and Yellowknife. To learn more, call 1 888 423-2333. 

How much notice time is required to arrange a video conference?

As setting up a video conference depends on the availability of facilities, we recommend booking as early as possible, and at least seven days before the date of the video conference.

What information do I need to provide the video conference operator in order to book a video conference?

  • Date of the video conference
  • Start and end times
  • Number of participants
  • Location of participants
  • The SIP URI or IP Address of the Telepresence system being connected to
  • Contact information of the party and system being connected to for the purpose of performing pre-call connectivity testing
  • Requirements for multimedia or audio conferencing support

Can I set up a video conference with people in other regions?

Yes. Northwestel’s Public Video Conferencing systems can connect to any standards-based Telepresence systems anywhere across the globe.

Does the video conference equipment have to be the same at each location?

Not necessarily. Northwestel can connect to locations with different equipment using a technique called Codec conversion. This allows the connection of locations using different digital transmission speeds with speed conversion and rate adaptation. 

What kind of video quality is available on a video conference?

Northwestel’s Public Video Conferencing equipment supports high-definition video quality between Telepresence systems.