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Setting Parental Controls

These instructions are for Digital TV - not Pulse TV. For Pulse TV, see the Pulse TV Parental Controls article.

Northwestel gives you complete control over what your family watches. By locking your Digital TV receiver, you can prevent movies and television programs with certain content ratings from being ordered and can even set-up your receiver to not show adult programs on your channel guide.

Follow these steps to set Parental Control on your Digital TV Receiver:

  1. Select the  MENU button on your Digital TV receiver’s remote control.

  2. Use the  left or  right arrows buttons to highlight the Parental Controls button. Press the  OK button.

  3. A pop-up window will appear requesting you to set and confirm a 4-digit PIN.

  4. The Locks Setup menu will appear. Select either Movie Rating Locks and/or Adult Titles.

    Movie Rating Locks: will require your 4-digit PIN each time you attempt to order or view a program with a lock set.

    Adult Titles: will simply show or hide any adult rated titles available.

  5. Use the  left and  right arrow buttons to scroll through your options and hit the  OK button to confirm your choice.