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Main Menu and Guide features

Press the MENU button and up comes your Main Menu. The top level of choices will appear in a horizontal band; use the left and right arrow buttons to browse through your choices. When you bring a horizontal card into focus, all options in that category open in a vertical list.

The Main Menu contains a group of filter cards that only show you the types of programs for that category. Filters include HD channels, Movies, News, Kids, Sports, and TV Music. Each filter will display Live TV as well as Recorded TV, On Demand, and Pay-Per-View programs that fit that category.

Like the Channels category, the Filters allow you to browse up to 14 days into the future to see what's on. You can also use the BACK and NEXT buttons to move through time within that day. Filters also have a preview panel to the right that displays upcoming shows for live TV channels in focus and additional information for other types of programs.