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How do I get my tablet or smartphone app to work with Pulse TV?

  1. Connect your device to the wireless network created by the Pulse TV network.
  2. In the setting card on the horizontal Menu, select Remote Control on Media Player option and make sure that option is enabled.
  3. Pair your device to the Media Player.
    • On the TV, go to Settings and select Pulse TV Mobile.
    • Select Add. You will see an 8-digit pairing code displayed.
    • Launch the App on your tablet and enter the 8-digit code.

Once the devices are paired successfully, the App will start working and you'll see a 'Success' message on the TV screen. You're now ready to start controlling your TVs and recordings from your tablet or smartphone.

Note: Media Player names can be customized in the Settings section of the App. For more information on getting your device to work with Pulse TV, please refer to your User Guide.