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Phone: Why is my phone's display screen blank?

Check your phone set user guide to see if it has the name/number display feature. If your phone set is equipped with this feature, you may not see anything because:

  • The party calling you has blocked their name/number
  • The call is coming from businesses using a Centrex line
  • The call is from overseas
  • The call is coming from another service provider that is not sharing call information with Northwestel
  • You need to add the call display feature. Just call us to add Call Display at 1 888 423-2333

Still no display? It could be your phone.

  1. Ensure the power adapter is plugged firmly into your phone and a working electrical outlet (the date/time shown on the display screen will show you if the power is working).
  2. Is it a separate display unit? You may need to replace the batteries.
  3. If your phone is plugged into another device (e.g., an answering machine or fax machine), unplug it from the device and plug it directly into a jack. Then ask someone to call you. If the display works when not connected to the second device, it may mean that Call Display can’t work with that equipment.
  4. If the display screen is still blank, please check for troubleshooting tips in your phone’s user manual.

Still having problems? Call 6-1-1 from another landline or 1 888 423-2333 from any phone.