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Inside Wiring

Inside wiring is the wiring between your telephone jack and the point of Northwestel's line termination at your business. Northwestel provides service to this termination point, which is usually a demarcation block installed on the outside of your building.

You are responsible for any installation, repair or maintenance work on the telephone wiring that runs from the demarcation block into your office or business. Inside wiring must meet Canadian Electrical Code and Northwestel Terminal Attachment standards to ensure user safety and quality voice/data transmission.

Northwestel gives you the option of choosing who will install, repair and maintain the wiring, including jacks, inside your office or business. If you are not the owner of your office or business space, you should discuss your wiring requirements with the building owner or property manager.

Most business customers have three options:

1. Northwestel

Your best option is to contract Northwestel. Our experienced technicians are trained to install, repair and maintain the latest equipment, and our service is guaranteed. Call 1 888 423-2333 for details about Northwestel's Wiring services and current hourly rates. (Note: If you do not own your building, Northwestel will not work on the premises until the property owner or manager has signed a Building Owner's Consent Form [PDF].)

2. Independent contractors

You can hire an independent contractor who will ensure that your wiring conforms to code and other standards, including Northwestel's.

3. Do-It-Yourself

You can choose to do the work yourself. To assist you, Northwestel has produced a practical guide called How to Wire the Inside of Your Home[PDF]. This guide is intended as a resource to assist you with prewiring new locations for telephone service. It also includes some helpful hints for finding and repairing existing phone wiring troubles. (If you decide to work with the telephone wiring in your own building, you will assume all related risks. You will also be liable for correcting any service difficulty, created by you, which harms Northwestel's network.)