Internet TV Phone Account Service Outages

How do I check my DSL internet usage?

You can check your DSL internet usage by signing in the Usage report tool on the Northwestel website with your account number and pin. 

After the installation of your Northwestel DSL Internet, you will be contacted over the phone by a Northwestel representative who will provide you with your account number and your account's 4 digit pin number. Northwestel will also send this information to you through Canada Post.

Internet packages have fixed monthly usage allowance and vary by region. Internet usage is the amount of data your computer sends and receives from the Internet. You can use the Usage estimator online tool on the Northwestel website to help you estimate your usage.

If you exceed your monthly usage limit, over usage charges are applied based on the Internet package you are subscribed to. You can use your account number and pin to monitor your internet usage online at the Northwestel website. This will help you control your usage and avoid incurring over usage charges. 

Email Notification

You can also subscribe to receive email notification when your account has reached 50%, 75%, 90%, 95% and 100% of you monthly usage allowance. If your usage exceeds 100%, you will continue to receive warnings at 110%, 120%, 130%, 140%, 150% and 200%. Note that notifications are sent within 2 hours of reaching usage thresholds.

To sign up, enter your email address in the New email address and Confirm new email address boxes and then click update. Make sure Subscribe is selected. Please do not rely on email notification as your only method for tracking your usage.