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BusinessCents™ FAQ

Who is eligible to subscribe to BusinessCents?

Any customer with a business account may subscribe to BusinessCents.

Why do I have to sign up for the plan?

BusinessCents is one of several long distance calling plans that Northwestel offers. Signing up ensures you are choosing the plan that is optimal for your business.

Will I pay any fees for this plan?

No. There are no sign up fees and no monthly fees associated with BusinessCents.

Can I switch to another plan if I am on this plan?

Yes. You are free to switch to another plan at any time.

What happens if I do not sign up for BusinessCents?

If you do not subscribe to any other long distance calling plan, your long distance calls will continue to be rated at regular rates. If you are already subscribed to another long distance calling plan, you will continue to be billed according to the rates for that plan.

I already subscribe to Teleplus should I switch to BusinessCents?

Yes, the majority of businesses will benefit more from BusinessCents or BusinessCents Plus 

Contact a Business Care Centre representative at 1 888 423-2333 or call your Sales Account Representative to determine which plan is optimal for your business. 

Can I subscribe to more than one long distance calling plan at a time?

You may only subscribe to one standard long distance plan at one time, per account. However, BusinessCents Toll-Free™ may be added to an account with any of the above long distance calling plans. If your business has several accounts, you may apply different plans to each account.

What are the differences between BusinessCents and BusinessCents Plus long distance calling plans?


BusinessCents Plus

no minimum monthly spending requirement

requires minimum spending of $100 in eligible long distance calls each month

19¢ a minute for calls to Canada

18¢ a minute for calls to Canada

no volume discounts

volume discounts of up to 18%

calling card calls not eligible

calling card calls are eligible