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BusinessCents Toll-Free™ FAQ

Who is eligible to subscribe to BusinessCents Toll-Free?

Any customer with a business account may subscribe to BusinessCents Toll-Free™. BusinessCents Toll-Free™ may only be applied to business accounts.

Will I pay any fees for this plan?

Monthly subscription fees apply to the BusinessCents Toll-Free™ plan. The fee is based on the service you choose.

  • Dedicated line for incoming toll-free calls: $60.00 per month
  • Non Dedicated line (using your existing business line): $8.00 per month

Can I subscribe to more than one long distance calling plan at a time?

You may only subscribe to one standard long distance plan at one time, per account. However, BusinessCents Toll-Free™ may be added to an account with any long distance calling plan. If your business has several accounts, you may apply different plans to each account.

Can I switch to another plan if I am on this plan?

Yes. You are free to switch to another plan at any time.