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Can't receive email

First, are you connected to the Internet? Next, make sure work offline is not checked in either your email program or your web browser.

Now, check your webmail. If your mail is showing up on the webmail inbox, but not downloading to your email application when you click send and receive, make sure:

  • The email you are looking for is not going into a spam folder.
  • Your account settings are correct, including your incoming server.
  • Your incoming server should be and Port: 993 (requires SSL).
  • Your password is correct in your account set up.

Close down and restart your email program. You might try restarting your computer, too.

Still not receiving email? Go back to your webmail. In webmail settings, if you are forwarding mail and also keeping a copy on the server, try re-entering the settings to forward and leave a copy on the server. Re-save the settings. Try again to get your email.

Try turning off any recently installed any anti-virus or anti-malware programs.

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