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Why am I seeing “One Moment Please”?

You’ll see the “One Moment Please” message when the Digital Box can’t receive the signal for one or more channels. You might also get this message when a Digital Box hasn’t been activated yet or if it has been powered off.

Reboot your Digital Box Receiver

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. Reconnect your Digital Box
  4. Give it a few minutes, and try to turn on your Digital Box again.

Note: It could take up to an hour before your Guide shows all information again after a reset. Until then, the Guide may only display a “To Be Announced” message.

Re-connect the coaxial cable connection

  1. Power off the Digital Box Receiver.
  2. Unscrew the coaxial cable on the back of the Digital Box, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect it. A loosely connected, disconnected or damaged coaxial cable can cause the “One Moment Please” message. If damaged, replace it.
  3. Give it a few moments, and then turn the Digital Box back on again.

Bypass the splitter

  1. Unplug your Digital Box
  2. Are any cable splitters or extensions on the line? Follow the coaxial cable from the back of your Digital Box to the wall outlet to check for splitters.
  3. Bypass any splitter by connecting a coaxial cable from the rear of the Digital Box (at the RF IN or Cable In port) directly into the cable wall outlet
  4. Reconnect the power cable to the Digital Box
  5. Are you seeing picture now? It may be time to replace your splitter.

Try plugging in the Digital Box Receiver to a different outlet

If you get picture back, then the issue is with the previously selected outlet.

Is your Digital Box Receiver new?

If you've recently purchased a Digital Box Receiver and you’re seeing the “One Moment Please” message, it may be that your unit has not yet been activated. To check, call 1 888 423-2333

Still having problems? Call us at 1 888 423-2333.