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Your Wireless home network's Control Panel and User Guides - Cable Internet

Get smart Wi-Fi with Wireless Home Networking for Cable Internet.

Connect multiple devices wirelessly with one Internet connection. Wireless Home Networking gives you a combined wireless router, wired Ethernet router and modem that connects you seamlessly to your Northwestel Internet service.

Which Modem Do I Have?

Are you unsure of which instructions to follow? See this document to determine whether you have an Enhanced Modem, Legacy Wireless Modem, or a Wired-Only modem:

Identify Your Modem

Pulse TV Customers: note that if you have Pulse TV and use the built-in gateway for your internet, see the Pulse Internet article. If you use a separate modem connected to your Pulse TV Gateway, use the Enhanced Cable Modem information below.

Enhanced Cable Modem (Models Hitron 3552, Hitron CODA 4xxx)

To access the Control Panel when your computer is connected to the network, go to this page: 

Installation Guides:

Installation Guide for CODA 4xxx Modems
Installation Guide for 3552 Modems

Legacy Wireless Modem (Cisco 3825)

To access the Control panel when your computer is connected to the internet, go to this page:

ClearVision Control Panel

Installation Guide:

Installation Guide (Cisco DPC3825)

In Depth User Guide:

User Guide Cisco DPC3825)

Wired-Only Modem (Hitron CODA-45)

If you have a wired-only modem, you won't be able to connect wirelessly unless you connect your own wireless router. Note that we cannot support customer-provided routers, so if you require support, the Enhanced Wireless Router is recommended.