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Digital TV Installation

What is included in our Basic Installation?

Basic installation includes:

  • Installation of digital receiver to existing outlet
  • Three meters of cable and connectors per device
  • Connection of receiver to television
  • Ensuring that the digital cable is working properly
  • Running a drop line to the premises of up to 65 meters of drop wire
  • Educating the customer on basic system use and functionality
  • Providing installation practices through qualified technicians

**The number of set-top boxes included and installation durations will vary according to the current promotion.


Additional charges that will be billed to the customer include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Additional inside wiring and/or splitters
  • Additional outlets that are required
  • Moving an existing outlet
  • Running a drop line that is more than 65 meters (pole to premises)
  • Requesting an unscheduled service trip
  • Set-top box installations not covered in current promotions
  • Inside wiring labour - contact us for current rates


To our valued customers: If you request or require any installation work beyond a basic installation such as additional receivers, additional wiring, special installation hardware or accessories, you may be invoiced on our Northwestel bill for these additional services.

You should discuss any questions you have with your installer to clarify details before the installation begins.