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Digital TV Welcome Guide

Welcome to Northwestel’s Digital TV!

We are pleased to welcome you to our northern network of family and friends. Here
at Northwestel, our staff are northerners working and living in the North just like
you, so when we say welcome to the family, we mean it. We take our role as leading
communication and entertainment provider seriously. We are always looking for
innovative solutions for your home that keep you connected.

Our team developed this guide to help you transition to Digital TV. Digital TV is a
revolutionary evolution in the world of TV. With your new subscription to Northwestel’s
Digital TV, you have access to over 350 channels, including specialty sports packages
and over 30 High Definition channels. If you paired your Digital TV channels with a
Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you will also be able to watch TV on your schedule. You
can now pause, rewind, fast-forward, and record live TV. You can even program your
DVR to record shows in the future. That way you can watch your favorite programs
when it’s convenient for you.

We hope you enjoy your subscription to Digital TV. As the entertainment world evolves
Northwestel works hard to provide the latest technology so even though you live in the North, you can play as they do in the South.

We wish you the best entertainment experience with your new Digital TV subscription,
and again, welcome to the family.