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Can I order a Pay Per View Online?

For customers in Carcross, Fort Nelson, Fort Smith, High Level, Whitehorse and Yellowknife:

No, you cannot order Pay Per View events online. You may order using the receiver remote control directly from your TV.

For customers in Norman Wells:

Yes, you can order a PPV online by going to our website's Pay Per View section and selecting "order PPV movies online". 

If this is your first time ordering a PPV online you will need to select "register your receiver online". This will open another window for Click Register.

Fill out the registration. The Digital Box unit number can be found on the back of the digital box. Everything else is your choice.

After successfully registering, you will go to the Digital Box Nickname page. If you have more than one digital box, it might by more convenient to give them nicknames so that when you order a Pay-Per-View movie or event you don’t need to remember the 16-digit Unit Address of the box you want it ordered to. Keep in mind that orders assigned to one digital box cannot be viewed on other digital boxes.

You will be brought to the Pay-Per-View schedule page (this is the default page you will see for all future logins). The bottom window shows the Pay-Per-View Schedule, sorted by time and then alphabetical order. The ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ links at the bottom of the schedule let you browse numerous pages of scheduled movies or events. You can also search by title, by entering a movie or event title in the blank field beside ‘Title’.

All movies and events can be purchased up to 30 minutes before the end of that movie or event. To order a movie or event, select the title you wish to order and click the link. You will be prompted to choose which box you want to play it on. After selecting the box, click continue and you will be shown the title, start date and time, channel and the price. If the information is correct, accept the order and you should get a message stating that your “Order was Successful.”   You will now be able to watch the program you’ve selected on the corresponding box at the selected time.

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