Pulse TV Advanced Remote – FAQ's

What is the Pulse TV Advanced Remote and how is it different from the Standard Remote?

The Pulse TV Advanced Remote offers features that are not present in the standard remote.

Along with all the keys that are required to navigate Pulse TV, it contains a full QUERTY keyboard, mouse features, and special shortcut keys for enhanced search functionality and access to the Arris Market (future release).

It is ergonomically designed and smaller in size for better handling and feeling. The design makes it comfortable to hold. Intelligent layout of keys makes it easy to find the function you are looking for. The Advanced Remote works in both Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) mode. In Radio Frequency (RF) mode, there is no need to point it directly at the Media Player. The remote will work from anywhere within range (150 Feet open field). If the remote is in Infra Red (IR) mode, it will work in line-of-sight only. This means that you have to point the remote directly to the Media Player, as you would normally do with the standard remote.

The remote also contains basic functions of power, volume, mute, and input.

The standard remote can still be used when the Advanced Remote is paired to the Media Player.

Are there any additional steps required to make the Advanced Remote work in Radio Frequency (RF) Mode?

Yes, and it is simple. For the remote to work in Radio Frequency (RF) mode, you will have to pair the remote with the Media Player. If your Advanced Remote comes with a USB key, you must insert the key into the Media Player to “pair” the remote for all the buttons to work.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide on how to pair the remote with your Media Player and for troubleshooting steps.

Why do I need to work in Infrared (IR) mode when Radio Frequency (RF) mode is available?

In case the Advanced Remote and the Media Player becomes unpaired or you want to use the remote on other Media Players in the house, then you can work the remote in Infrared (IR) mode.

Refer to the Quick Start Guide on how to work the remote in IR mode and for troubleshooting steps.

How many Media Players will the remote work with?

To work in Radio Frequency (RF) mode, you should only pair the Advanced Remote with one Media Player. You can use the remote simultaneously in Infrared (IR) mode on the other Media Players in the house that are not paired. This will prevent overlap of remote commands in RF mode interfering with other Media Players in the house because of the radio frequency range.

If you would like to use it on another Media Player in RF mode, you must un-pair it with the first Media Player and then pair it with the other.

What are the special features of the Pulse TV Advanced Remote?

The full QUERTY keyboard provides a faster and user friendly way to search for Pulse TV content.

The Radio Frequency (RF) mode is a great advantage when you are using the full QUERTY keyboard to search, as you don’t have to point the remote at the Media Player and type at the same time.

The Search button acts as a shortcut bringing up the search feature instantly instead of going through the menu options.

There are other shortcut buttons for additional features including enhanced search functionality and access to the Arris Market (future release).

Does the Advanced Remote come with my Pulse TV connection hardware?

The Pulse TV Advanced Remote is not standard equipment with the Pulse TV connection hardware. You may purchase the remote at your local Northwestel Retail Centre.

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