Programming Guides and Channel Line-up Cards

TV Programming Guides‡
Our TV Programming Guides show you what channels you get with your package.

Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Fort Smith, High Level and Fort Nelson:
Programming Guide (PDF)

Norman Wells:
Programming Guide (PDF)

Channel Line-up Cards

Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, High Level and Fort Smith:
Channel Line-up Card (PDF) - Listed by Theme Pack

Norman Wells:
Channel Line-up Card (PDF)

‡ - Note that each community has different local programming:

Info/Weather Channel (local advertising, information and weather):

Carcross - 208 & 708 (HD)
Fort Nelson - 708 (HD)
Fort Smith - 209
High Level - None
Norman Wells - 208
Whitehorse - 208 & 708 (HD)
Yellowknife - 208 & 708 (HD)

Community Cable - Whitehorse and Yellowknife on 209 and 709 (HD)

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