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Does Northwestel charge for Internet installation?

Yes, Northwestel does charge for the installation of Cable and DSL Internet connections across our operating territory. This is due to the fact that there are real costs associated with the installation of your Internet service. The one-time, non-recurring charges outlined below will appear on your first Northwestel bill.

Charges and Definitions

Work arising from a customer’s request for service which involves the installation, reconnection, change or relocation of service is categorized into four basic work elements. The total service charge is the sum of the charges for each of the following, as applicable:

  1. Order Processing Residential ($32.55) – applies for work done in receiving, recording and processing information necessary to comply with a customer’s request. In the case of multiple order application requiring more than one service order, the order processing charge will apply to each service order.
  1. Line Connection Charge ($35.70) – applies for work done in the Company’s central office and elsewhere necessary to connect the subscriber’s line/service to the network. The work involves extending the line from the subscriber’s premise to the serving central office and to the connections made within the serving central office.
  1. Premises Visit Charge ($39.90) – applied for the travel time spent in reaching a customer’s premises whether work is performed or not. One Premises Visit Charge applies for each customer request regardless of the number of visits required to complete the work.
  1. Premises Work Charge ($39.90) – applies for each item of work done at the customer’s request, at the customer’s premise to install, move or change a telephone line/service, on the Company’s side of the demarcation point as determined by the Company.
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