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What is the charge for using Northwestel’s Directory Assistance (411)

Effective November 24, 2015 directory assistance is no longer regulated by the CRTC.

To align service charges with standard industry rates, effective July 1, 2016 Northwestel will increase the directory assistance charge to $3.50 per call.

Directory assistance is a service offered to help customers find phone numbers for people or businesses in the Northwestel phone book. Directory assistance can be reached for local information by dialing 411 or for other areas in Canada and the United Sates you can call 1+(area code)+555-1212.

Directory Assistance charges do not apply in the following situations:

  • Requests from a public pay telephone
  • Requests from a patient calling from a registered hospital;
  • Requests from a person with an impairment that impedes their use of a telephone directory including those that are functionally illiterate;
  • Requests from a person declaring a state of emergency;
  • Requests for emergency numbers; and
  • Requests from residential customers aged 65 and over who have requested an exemption from the charge and provided the company with suitable proof of age

Please visit our Phone Books and Listings section for more information.