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Reduced Over Usage Rates

Beginning February 1, 2016, Northwestel is reducing the over usage charge on Cable and DSL Internet packages by 50₵ per GB. This rate reduction benefits all residential and business customers on these Internet packages (PDF).

Whether your Internet needs are large or small, we’re committed to offering you additional usage options that bring flexibility to your service and reduce the cost of exceeding your usage allowance. In the past 4 years, overage rates have dropped from an average of $10.00 per GB to $2.00 and $2.50 for Cable and DSL respectively.

Northwestel’s Internet 100 and Internet 125 customers experience an even lower rate of $1.50 per GB.

Find tips to manage your Internet usage in our Northwestel Support Section, and sign up for usage alerts by logging in to check your usage, and then select  "Click here to sign up".

Please note: customers in communities served by satellite Internet (PDF) will not benefit from this usage rate reduction.

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