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Calling Feature Instructions

Call Display
Want to see who’s calling? Call Display lets you see the number of the caller before you answer the phone.
• The telephone number of the caller will appear on your telephone display after the first ring.
• Please refer to our Customer Privacy Policy and Code within these introductory pages.

Call Display Block
Call Display Block prevents your number from being displayed on the phone of the number you are calling.
• To activate, lift receiver and press *67.
• Dial the number of the person you are calling.
• This will block your telephone number from being displayed for the duration of the call.
Permanent Call Display Block is available for public law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, crisis lines, shelters for victims of domestic violence, and potential victims of violence.

3-Way Calling
Bring people together with 3-Way Calling.
• To add a third party to a call, press your Link button, Flash button or Switchhook and wait for three bursts of tone.
• Key in the number of the third party.
• When the third party answers, press your Link button, Flash button or Switchhook to join all parties together.
• Should the third party not answer, or if the line is busy, press your Link button, Flash button or Switchhook again to return original caller.
Note: The person who originates the call will be charged for long distance, if applicable.

Call Waiting
Don’t want to miss important calls? Call Waiting will alert you when there is another caller.
• When you are already on the phone, a soft beep indicates someone is trying to reach you.
• Put the first caller on hold by pressing the Link button, Flash button, or your Switchhook.
• Press the Link button, Flash button or Switchhook again to rejoin the first caller.

Call Waiting ID
Want to know who’s trying to call while you’re on the phone?
• The telephone number of the caller will appear on your display.
• Decide whether to answer or continue with the original call.
• You must have Call Display and Call Waiting In order for Call Waiting ID to work.
• Subscriber must have a call waiting/caller ID phone.

Cancel Call Waiting
Choose not to be interrupted with our Cancel Call Waiting enhancement.
• If you do not want to be interrupted by the Call Waiting tone when making a call, pick up receiver and press *70 before dialing.
• Cancel Call Waiting will be activated for the duration of the call.

Call Trace
Feel more secure with Call Trace if you are receiving harassing phone calls.
• When receiving an obscene or harassing call, hang up.
• Pick up the receiver and press *57. The call will be traced.
• Record the date and time.
• Northwestel cannot release the result of the trace to its customers. Customers wishing to pursue the matter must contact the RCMP.
Note: Call Trace must be currently programmed on your phone line to work with the *57 feature. This is not automatically added at the time of your phone installation.

Call Forwarding
Let your phone follow you wherever you go.
• To activate, lift receiver and press 72#.
• Wait for steady tone to continue.
• Key in the number you want your calls transferred to.
• When the number is answered, calls will be automatically forwarded to that number.
• If the number is not answered, hang up and then repeat the above steps within two minutes.
• You will receive two bursts of tone to confirm activation.
• To cancel, lift receiver and press 73#.
Note: You must deactivate/cancel Call Forwarding before programming your line to forward to a new number.  
If you are attempting to set up call forward and it is a long distance number you need to enter "1" plus the number to forward.
Note: Calling Features are not available in all areas, and capability may vary by community.

Call Wakeup
Need reminders or a little help getting up in the morning? Call Wakeup can assist.
• Program your phone to wake you up or ring any time you need a reminder.
• Lift receiver and press *91.
• In Yellowknife, Inuvik and Fort Nelson, press 2 for a.m. or 7 for p.m., and enter the time you want to be called using the 12-hour clock.
• Everywhere else, enter the time you want to be called using the 24-hour clock.
• Listen for confirmation tone.
• Hang up and Call Wakeup is activated. press *92, listen for confirmation tone, and hang up
• To cancel, lift receiver and press *92, listen for confirmation tone, and hang up.

Smart Ring
Smart Ring allows you to add an additional telephone number with a distinctive ring to your existing line.
• A second telephone number will be assigned to your existing telephone line with a distinctive ringing pattern to identify incoming calls.
• A free directory listing is included in the monthly rate.

Call Return
End the frustration of reaching busy signals. Call Return also identifies the phone number of the last caller.
• When you reach a busy signal, hang up.
• Pick up the receiver and press *66.
• Hang up again.
• A special ring will tell you when the line is free.
• Pick up the receiver and the call will be initiated.
• If you would like to cancel the call back at any time, press *86.
• Call return can also let you know the last number to call your phone.
• To identify/return the number of the last incoming call whether answered or not, pick up the receiver and press *69.
For communities listed below do not hang up, press Switchhook/Flash.
NWT Communities: Fort Good Hope, Fort McPherson, Holman, and Lutselk’e
Nunavut Communities: Arviat, Cape Dorset, Chesterfield Inlet, Coral Harbour, Grise Fiord, Hall Beach, Kimmirut, Qikiqtarjuaq, Repulse Bay, and Whale Cove
Tip: When teamed up with Call Waiting, this feature will identify the beeps that are unanswered.

Call Screen
Block calls from unwanted numbers.
• Block any incoming call from your ‘screened callers” list.
• Pick up receiver and dial *60.
• To turn on Call Screen press 1.
• Listen to and follow the system prompts to activate, deactivate and add numbers.
• To add a number manually once the call screen is activated, dial the number to be added and press the digit prompted. This will only work for local single residential and business lines. Multiline, cellular (fleet numbers) and long distance numbers can only be added by following the prompts to add the number of the last calling party method.
• This will only apply if the system was able to identify the calling number.
• If a screened caller tries to call, your phone will not ring. The screened caller will hear a gentle rejection message.

Speed Calling
Reach frequently called numbers, faster and easier by pressing a single button.
• To program numbers, lift receiver and press 74#.
• Wait for three bursts of tone.
• Key in the one-digit speed calling code (numbers 2-9) you | wish to assign.
• Key in the number you want to store.
• Wait for two bursts of tone for confirmation.
• Repeat above steps to add, delete or change numbers.
• To use speed dial numbers, pick up receiver and simply press the appropriate number key.