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DSL Internet Usage Blocks

Can I purchase additional usage on my Internet package?

At Northwestel we are happy to offer additional usage to our Residential customers who are often restricted by long loop lengths and top packages with lower usage caps. Offering 50GB for $40 or 100GB for $80 at $0.80 per GB, allows customers to increase their cap, with a predictable bill increase that is more affordable than paying overage fees.

Additional usage blocks can help accommodate long-term guests, a growing business or simply a need for more gigabytes at a reliable monthly price. 

Additional usage is available on Residential DSL packages and requires a minimum 3 month commitment otherwise an Order Processing Fee will be applied to downgrade.

Who is eligible for the additional usage?

Any Residential DSL customer who is currently on the top package available to them can add 50GB for $40 to their current internet package.

To add additional usage to your Internet package, please call 1 888 423-2333 or chat with a Northwestel agent

Q & A

Is purchasing additional usage right for me?
Additional usage can help accommodate long-term guests or simply a need for more gigabytes at a predictable monthly price.


How can I purchase additional usage?
You can subscribe to additional usage anytime in the month by calling our Customer Care Centre at 1-888-423-2333 or chat with a Northwestel representative at

The monthly charge will be prorated based on the date of purchase and the full amount of usage will immediately be applied to your account for the current month.

Customers must keep the package with additional usage for a minimum of 3 months or an order processing charge will be applied for any downgrades.

How much will a customer be charged if they exceed their usage after using the additional usage?
Regular over usage rates will apply.

Why is Northwestel offering additional usage to customers at a fixed monthly rate?
Northwestel is happy to evolve products to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Why is additional usage not available on Cable Internet packages?
Northwestel offers a variety of cable Internet packages in all of our cable communities. Customers have many options to upgrade their package to receive more usage. Based on current, high usage Internet packages available to many of our cable customers we do not offer additional usage on cable packages at this time.

Why does Northwestel charge $2.50/GB for over usage despite selling usage blocks?
Providing usage blocks for a fixed monthly rate is in direct response to customers growing demand for Internet usage. We are selling the additional GBs at a lower rate in return for the predictability of a fixed monthly charge and to alleviate the costs to our customer.

To add additional usage to your Internet package, please call 1 888 423-2333 or chat with a Northwestel agent

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