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Additional usage added to Nunavut Internet packages

Northwestel is excited to offer more usage on our consistent and reliable service

Northwestel has made the following changes to Nunavut Internet packages:

Package Name

Current Data Cap

New Data cap

Nunavut Internet 1


20GBs (increase of 33%)

Nunavut Internet  2


40GBs (increase of 33%)

Nunavut Internet 5*


60GBs (increase of 20%)

How are we different than other providers?

  • Northwestel is the only wired Internet service provider in Nunavut. Our competitors deliver service wirelessly to customer homes. We offer a “wired last mile” which helps us deliver a highly reliable Internet service as compared to wireless delivery.
  • Northwestel provides a free wireless modem with every Internet package subscription.
  • Our competitors are governed by a Fair Access Policies (FAP) which throttles a customer’s speed and usage based on daily usage caps and network constraints at peak hours. With Northwestel your speed and usage will never be throttled.

*Only available in Iqaluit at this time.

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