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DSL Internet Standalone Surcharge

What is the standalone surcharge?

Northwestel applies a monthly $20 surcharge on standalone DSL Internet service. The charge applies for customers who have a DSL Internet connection without a Northwestel Home Phone subscription.

Why does Northwestel charge a standalone surcharge?

The surcharge exists to offset the high cost of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades in Northern communities. In 2013, Northwestel made an ambitious commitment to upgrade telecommunications in Canada’s North. This five year Modernization Plan provided customers with unprecedented access to faster speeds and better service in 53 Northern communities. Without the surcharge, Northwestel would be unable to fulfill the commitments of the modernization plan. 

Do I have any other options?

Northwestel only applies the surcharge on standalone Internet connections without a Northwestel Home Phone subscription. To avoid the surcharge, you can choose to subscribe to our reliable Home Phone service at a great price.