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Video On Demand on Pulse TV

Video On Demand allows you to watch content whenever you like. You can rent movies, or watch selective On Demand content for any channels to which you subscribe, including premium channels such as The Movie Network, HBO Canada, or SuperChannel.

Unlike Netflix or YouTube, On Demand content does NOT use internet usage, so watch as much as you like. CraveTV also does not use internet usage - if you access the content through the On Demand menu.

Here are some common issues or questions people have about VOD:

I keep getting a black screen when trying to enter VOD

Please try to unplug the power from your set top box, plug it back in after a few seconds. This will reset your set top box.

If the problem appears again, please contact the Northwestel Support Desk.

How can I search for an On Demand title?

While in the VOD Menu:

  1. Press and hold the Menu button
  2. The Search screen will appear
  3. Enter the title you are looking for, select it once you've found it, and press OK

How do I access and rent VOD?

What happens when you press the On Demand button? It gives you the power to
watch all the movies and shows you want, when you want – right on your TV.