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Netflix on Pulse TV Menu

Note that using the Netflix app on Pulse TV will use internet data.

The Pulse TV Smart Guide now includes the Netflix app, accessible by pressing the Menu button on your remote and navigating left < or right >.

Logging out of Netflix

When you're in Netflix:

  1. Use "Exit" to get back to the TV Menu. Your Netflix account will still be active and you will not need to sign-in the next time you open the application.

  2. Under "Settings", select "Sign out", and click YES. This will take you back to the main TV Menu. You will need to sign-in the next time you want to use Netflix.
    From the TV Menu:
    1. Select the "Settings" icon, scroll to "Netflix", and press OK.
    2. Select "deactivate" and this will sign-out of Netflix for you.


How to sign-up for or cancel Netflix

You will need to visit to sign-up for a new account or contact NETFLIX (1-877-742-1335) to cancel your NETFLIX subscription.


Netflix isn't an option in the main TV Menu

You may not subscribe to an Internet package, so Netflix and YouTube have been disabled. Please call us to subscribe to an Internet service that suits your needs.

 Note that you can show or hide the Netflix app by going to Settings > Menu Customization.

Streaming Control

To learn more about how Netflix determines the video streaming resolution it delivers and how you can control how much data Netflix uses, see