Internet TV Phone Account Service Outages

I Cannot Send or Receive Data. What Can I Do (Fibre Internet)?

  • Check the status lights on the front panel of your modem. These lights can indicate where the error occurred. Refer to page 6 on the user manual to learn more.
    Note: Keep in mind that on a Fibre Internet set up, the WAN light indicator is the one that needs to be active to ensure you have a connection and not the DSL light.

  • For wired devices, check each end of the ethernet cables and make sure they are properly connected.

  • For wireless devices, ensure that you have an active connection between your device and your modem.
    • Consider running a test from a wired device connected by ethernet cable to find out if the problem occurs only with your Wi-Fi network.

Consult the user manual to learn more. Download User Manual (PDF)