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How do I keep my usage under control (Fibre Internet)?

Your new Fibre Internet service is significantly faster than the DSL Internet speeds you might be used to. You may find that you're using higher amounts of data due to faster download and upload speeds. Visit for online tools to help manage and monitor your Internet usage.

Did you know some applications can affect your usage even when you’re not using them? Here are some tips to avoid unexpected usage on your network.

Password protect your wireless router/network

If you have a wireless router/network that is not password protected, someone may be accessing it without your knowledge and running up your usage. Your router’s user manual will tell you how to set up a password and guide you through the necessary configuration settings to protect your Internet service.

Limit file sharing programs

Some popular peer-to-peer file sharing programs (e.g., Bit Torrent, U Torrent) will upload shared files to others, by default, as fast as your connection will allow, driving up usage. This activity is often invisible to you. Check each program’s preferences to review and adjust the upload and download settings.

Be aware of streaming video/music use

Turn off streaming video/music players when devices are not in use. Leaving these applications running unattended can generate large amounts of usage.

Watch for automatic settings

Review automatic or default settings on your connected devices. Some software and connected devices will automatically download/upload large software updates when not in use as a default setting.

You may also have default settings turned on that you don’t really need or want. For example, Facebook may automatically play videos – even if you don’t intend to watch them. You can change that setting easily (see How to stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook or visit

Most iOS devices back up to the cloud automatically, often in the middle of the night. Review each connected device’s settings to adjust how often data is backed up.

Control your video quality

The amount of usage from a video can vary greatly depending on the video quality. The greater the video quality, the greater the usage needed. Websites like YouTube & Netflix stream videos anywhere from 144p (lowest) to 1080p or higher and offer the option to change the video quality. Netflix provides instructions for controlling your video quality here and Youtube provides it here Unfortunately, not all websites allow you to change the quality of the videos you are viewing.