Internet TV Phone Account Service Outages

Stay connected during a power outage to your Fibre home phone service

How to stay connected during a power outage to your Fibre home phone service

If you are on Northwestel’s Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network and subscribe to Fibre home phone service, your service is provided through the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) modem.

Your Fibre home phone service will NOT work during a power outage (including access to 9-1-1 or emergency services) unless backup power is properly installed, and the battery has not been depleted.

A backup power solution for your ONT modem is available for purchase from Northwestel. The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) contains a backup battery which will allow you to stay connected to Fibre home phone service during a power outage.

How long will the battery last in an outage?

A fully charged backup battery gives you a minimum of four hours of home phone usage during power outages. 


IMPORTANT: if the battery charge runs out, you will not have access to your Fibre home phone service (including access to 9-1-1 or emergency services) until the power is restored.

Please note that most cordless phones require electricity. In addition to the UPS, you will need a home phone that can operate without power to use your Fibre home phone service during an outage.

Installing your UPS and backup battery

This section will walk you through how to install your new Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and backup battery.


  1. Locate your UPS and DC / Communication cable. They will be packaged separately.
  2. Open the UPS by pressing the latch as indicated in the image below to locate the backup battery and cable terminals.
  3. The backup battery connects to the UPS by two wires – a RED positive wire and a BLACK negative wire. Make sure you examine the battery carefully and inspect it for any cracking, leaking or swelling. If you notice any evidence of damage, do not use the battery and contact us.
  4. Start by connecting the red wire from the UPS to the red (positive) terminal on the battery. Be careful to ensure you connect the correct wire to the correct terminal. There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly connected. Now, connect the black wire from the UPS to the black (negative) terminal on the battery.
  5. Connect one end of the DC / Communication cable to the UPS and connect the other end to the ONT modem. Then, connect AC power cable to the UPS.
  6. Replace the cover of the UPS. Ensure the wires are clear and not pinched by the door before closing. Plug the AC power cable into a nearby electrical outlet, then push the POWER button on the ONT modem to turn power up the unit.
  7. Once the UPS is turned on, the system status and battery lights on the UPS will glow GREEN to indicate that power is connected, and the unit is functioning as intended. Please consult the UPS manual for more information about the warning indicator light.

Safety warnings

  • The battery can energize hazardous live parts inside even when the AC input power is disconnected.
  • To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, install in a temperature and humidity controlled indoor area, free of conductive contaminants.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the cover, except to service the battery.
  • To avoid electric shock, turn off the unit and unplug it from the AC power source before servicing the battery or installing a computer component.
  • When replacing batteries, the replacement should have the same rating as follows, Listed/Certified Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, 12V, max. 9Ah.
  • Risk of Energy Hazard, 12V, max.9 Ampere-hour battery. Before replacing batteries, remove conductive jewelry such as chains, wrist watches, and rings. High energy through conductive materials could cause severe burns.
  • Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The batteries may explode.
  • Do not open or mutilate batteries. Released material is harmful to the skin and eyes. It may be toxic.

Ordering a replacement battery

To order a replacement backup battery for your UPS, please contact us.

Battery disposal

Please visit  to find a drop-off location that will accept your battery.